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KORAL Original Harmonik "Women's" BJJ Gi [White]

KORAL Original Harmonik "Women's" BJJ Gi [White]

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The Koral Original Harmonik Female BJJ Gi is designed specifically to fit a woman’s body.
This jiu-jitsu gi features a more fitted cut compared to other unisex gis. If you wear A1 in other gis, you will most likely will wear an A2 with this gi. Please refer to the Size Chart below.
Developed and tested with the help of the Koral Team athletes. This gi is perfect for training but can be used for competitions as well.
100% Cotton. 100% pre-shrunk. Allowed in all IBJJF and CBJJF tournaments.
The gi jacket is made with one piece of fabric with no seam in the back, providing strength, comfort, and durability.
The lapel has rubber inside to help keep it soft, help the gi dry faster, and help prevent bacteria and fungus from developing.
The gi cut allows unrestricted movement and also keeps the gi fitted and hard to grab.
Belt NOT included.
Tip: washing after use may increase its durability. Follow washing instructions on the label. Do not use bleach—cold wash. Tumble dry in a gentle cycle. Air drying is recommended.
Made in Brazil
Size Height Weight
F1 4'9"-5'0" 75-100 lbs
F2 5'0-5'4" 100-120 lbs
F3 5'3"-5'6" 115-145 lbs
F4 5'6"-5'8" 140-170 lbs


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