BJJ Camp Coron, Palawan PH Nov 20 - 25, 2022

BJJ Camp Coron, Palawan PH Nov 20 - 25, 2022

Bringing you world-class grappling seminars in amazing destinations around the globe.

We are grapplers who are executives in the Hospitality industry and we love to travel. Grappling is a huge part of our lives and it will forever be a part of us, one way or another.

We are passionate about experiencing new places and meeting new people. Our vision is to utilise our skills to create the best experiences for our guests.

Founded by best mates, each brings their own specialty to the table. We endeavour to bring you amazing, all-inclusive Grappling Holidays, in awe-inspiring destinations, with some of the best instructors around the globe.

We value community, and also look at making a positive impact to, not only our Jiu Jitsu community, but also to the local communities that host our camps. We hope to leave each destination we visit, a better place than when we found it. 

Our retreats are designed to be a combination of education, recreation, sports, fitness, wellness, appreciation of local cultures & cuisines, as well as giving back to the communities that we visit. The experiences we create are designed to enrich your mind, body and soul.  

All are welcome to join our camps, but space is limited as we focus more on delivering quality experiences that are best curated amongst smaller groups. In general, our camps range anywhere from 20-30 participants, based on venue capacities.

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Our camps are designed not only around high level grappling - both in the Gi and NoGi - but also around local experiences. We want our participants to return home feeling enriched, not just with new techniques but with new friends and new memories to cherish from the best Grappling Holiday they have ever had.


Depending on venue limitations, and instructors availability, we will curate experiences that are both enriching and fulfilling. We strive to deliver memorable experiences that you will cherish forever.

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